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What is TNT Boys Volleyball?

The boys program is run by a great group of experienced coaches, mostly from the Suburban
One League, that share a common mission. We are dedicated to providing a competitive
experience for all levels of volleyball players while teaching individual and team fundamentals
and promoting good sportsmanship along with team building skills.

A brief history:

Although our boys program is new to TNT we are not new to boys club volleyball. Our club
grew out of a former very successful club folded due to the director’s decision to retire. When
that occurred, the player’s parents approached us asking if we could continue providing a quality
club for their boys. With the backing of these dedicated parents, we managed to gather our
resources and have been able to continue offering a great volleyball experience while
maintaining our high quality standards. It has always been important for us to maintain a
welcoming, positive environment that enables boys to constantly learn and grow as players. This
is why we chose TNT, a local club that has maintained an outstanding reputation with their girls
teams. With all of their success running a girls program, TNT decided to offer a program for
boys as well. Thus, it made a lot of sense for our boys program to join their family. The results
have been evident as our boys program has now grown to over 150 players.

About our coaches.

Our core group of coaches have been together for more than 10 years. Many had been coaching
together for our former club, and have remained loyal to the principals that have guided us every
Almost all of our coaches (20 currently) have been coaching at the high school level and have
also played on college or at a high club level. We meet on a regular basis to ensure that our
coaching staff maintains consistency in our structure and philosophy when teaching the game.
Please check out our coaching bios for additional information about our individual coaches.

Why play club?

We offer something for all levels of play and interests. Players may be coming to get better for
upcoming high school seasons, some are looking to play for a varsity or club team in college,
and others may just enjoy playing and learning the game. TNT offers options to accommodate
most players. If players are seeking the next challenge, TNT can help tremendously. Our club
has had several elite players graduate from our National teams and go on to play for D1
programs, including among others, Ohio State, BYU, and St. Francis. Many additional players
have gone from TNT into D2 programs including Lees- McCrae, Mt. Olive, and Belmont Abbey,
and many former players have gone on to play in D3 programs, including Wentworth Institute of
Technology, Springfield, and Stevenson.

Levels of play?

 Regional Teams:

We have regional (lite) teams for those looking to grow in the sport
with base level cost, competition, package, and time commitment. 

o These teams compete in 4 local tournaments within a 2 hour commute from the
gym location. They meet 1-2 times a week in preparation. 

o Financially, this is a base cost program with a base jersey package of: 2 jerseys, 1
pair of shorts, 1 drawstring bag, 1 practice tee, 1 sweatshirt.  

o Great for multi-sport players, those with jobs, or senior athletes that have many
other obligations.

Travel Teams:

We have travel teams who are looking for more competition and exposure
within the region. This is a middle level cost, competition, package, and time

o They compete in 4 multi day tournaments within the tri state area and 1 local
event within a 2 hour commute from the gym. They meet 2 times a week in

o Financially this is middle tier cost program with a 2 hotel stay to plays and 2
commute travel events and jersey package of 2 practice tees, 2 jersey tops, 2
jersey shorts, 1 backpack, 1 molten volleyball, 1 sweatshirt, 

National Teams:

Our national teams compete in 4 multi day events in the tri-state area, 1
out of state for best exposure opportunities, as well as the National Championships,
which is great exposure for boys wishing to play at the next level because college
coaches and recruiters from all over the country are guaranteed to attend. Many of these
athletes are recruited to play for college programs, and a great many more go on to play
club ball at the college level.

o They compete in 4 multi day events in the tri-state area, 1 out of state multi day,
and 1 national event. They meet 2 times a week in preparation October thru
February and picking up again for another 4-5 weeks following the high school
season to prepare for the National Championships in July. 

o Financially this is the biggest commitment with 2 tri state stay to play, 1 out of
area stay to play, and 1 national stay in Orlando, Florida. This jersey package
includes a recruiting seminar, 2 practice tees, 2 Slunks jersey shorts, 2 jersey tops,
1 backpack, 1 molten volleyball, 1 sweatshirt, 1 sweatpants. 

o If and when we need to replace players for our competitions, our goal is to move
players up from our own TNT travel or regional teams first. We believe in
providing opportunities to players within our TNT family before recruiting from
other clubs or organizations. We encourage our players to advance to our more
competitive teams as they gain experience, and this approach has led to some
tremendous opportunities and great growth over the course of their club careers!

What's unique about TNT Boys? 

October Academy Practices:

We host academy practices at the beginning of the season to
promote the learning of fundamentals and to maintain consistency among the club’s teams. All
players from each age group will participate and gain the skills which will provide the
groundwork for them to master their craft at a quicker pace as they progress from team to team.
Using this methodology enables our players at each level to move forward each season with a set
of homogeneous skills, and that makes it easier for their coaches to plan their practices.

Scrimmage Nights:

Something our players experience that is different from other clubs are our
scrimmage nights. These allow for teams to work on in-game aspects competing with other
teams within our club in preparation for tournaments. This is something the players love and rave
about in our end of season surveys. Teams compete in game play for 1 hour and compete against
other teams for 1 hour. 

Extra Enrichment Opportunities

: In the past we've had pros and college coaches come out for
clinics as well as recruiting seminars to expand on everything you need to know for athletes
looking to play in college and recruiting interviews and highlight film tips. We had a DI NCAA
Champion come in to discuss mental toughness and how to compete at an elite level. We have
had seminars led by college coaches and also by players and families that have been through the
process, to help players wishing to play at the college level navigate the system. We also host
extra opportunity play events like matrix, twilight, and grass tournaments for players to develop. 
Our coaches:  Almost all of our coaches are high school area head and assistant coaches or
previous players returning from playing collegiately. They know what it takes to prepare for the
high school season and additionally prepare for college. 

Family First:

When other clubs have a need to fill a national spot due to an injury or last minute
conflict, they often look for replacement players from other clubs or areas. We try to look and
promote from within the club first. Often we see players grow throughout the season that may
have enrolled on a regional team and shown so much growth and development that they are
invited to join the national team. We take pride in showing allegiance to our club athletes and in
our athletes'; growth over the season. 

National Teams:

We have our teams commit in advance to attending nationals. This helps
ensure the team is composed of like minded, motivated athletes that compete at national qualifier
events with the purpose of performing and competing at nationals together.

League Location

TNT Volleyball Bunker, 1050 Bethlehem Pike
North Wales, Pennsylvania 19454