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Private and Small Group Sessions

TNT has an amazing staff of coaches with years of experience.  

Private lessons can be arranged directly through the coach via the email provided.  Reach out to them directly.    Lessons can be one on one for individualized instruction or can be small groups of friends.  Coaches make their own hours, so contact the coach directly to arrange for private sessions.

The following coaches are available for private lessons.  If you don't see a coach listed, contact us at [email protected] to make the introduction.

Advanced Players/College Recruiting

Andrew Lee[email protected] - Coach Andrew is a college coach who teaches proper technique through instruction and repetition.  He has worked with many college level athletes but can also help a younger player turn into an aspiring college athlete.

Eli Porr [email protected]  - Coach Eli has coached at all levels including college for 12 years with Division 1 experience.  His high energy, high intensity approach is perfect for the advanced players looking to refine their technique to play at the highest level.  Coach Eli is also a great resource for anyone looking to get recruited to play in college.  Coach Eli coaches boys and adults.

High School - All levels

Jea Lee [email protected] - Coach Jea is famous for his energy and positivity.  He specializes in the high school age players who are looking to make their team or looking to advance their game.  Coach Jea can do one on one lessons or a group of friends.  Everyone leaves a Coach Jea session exhausted!

Doug Blystone[email protected] - Doug Blystone has coached 12s through 18s including college at the Division III level.  He holds a Masters degree in coaching from Concordia University-Irvine and USA Volleyball previous CAP program, Level 3.  He was also a member of USAV education department for many years traveling all over the US to train other coaches on the sport as well as speaking at the AVCA convention.  Doug has more than 20 years of volleyball coaching experience, and he looks forward to working with any player on any skill set by quickly assessing current level and what it will take to reach the next level. 

Leah Simmons[email protected] - Former D1 Middle Hitter from Canisius University.  Her passion is coaching hitters and teaching players how to be a terminator for their team. She specializes in coaching private lessons for hitters of all ages!

LJ Brothers - [email protected]

Jacquelyn Curci - [email protected] - Current director of TNT boys volleyball.  Encourages players to play their hardest with emphasis on growth and building a positive mindset. Building consideration, responsibility, & accountability for the player and team.  16 years of coaching experience working with all positions. Works best with Sophomores and older. 

CYO/Middle School/High School JV

Bob Quon[email protected] - Coach Bob specializes in private and small group training for players in the 11-15U range.  Sessions focus on the fundamentals of passing, serving, hitting and setting in a fun and positive environment where the focus is building confidence in the player and helping them realize their potential.   Building a solid foundation with the fundamentals of the sport will help the player grow in subsequent seasons.   Bob currently coaches volleyball at Central Bucks South High School, is the Director of Regional/Travel teams and Director of Community Outreach and Middle School programming at TNT Volleyball Club.   Bob also coaches a 14 National team at TNT.   Bob has over 20 years of coaching experience ranging from CYO, Middle School and High School.   Bob's training includes Gold Medal Squared Coaching course, Positive Coaching Alliance,  SafeSport,  IMPACT,  NHFS and PIAA mandatory and elective courses.   All PA clearances are up to date through TNT, AAU, USAV, Archdiocese of Philadelphia and Central Bucks School District.   Bob can train at TNT Bunker or George M. Bush Park in Buckingham. 

John Kutsuzawa[email protected] - Coach John is a big proponent of teaching proper body mechanics when executing skills.  He holds USA Volleyball previous CAP program Level 1 and Gold Medal Squared credentials.  He can also provide strategies and training for doubles and sand volleyball competition.  His sessions will focus on the technique starting with the basic skills of serving, passing, overhand passing/setting, and attacking, then progress to body movement for efficiency, correct posture, and maximum power.  Ideal age group: 11-14

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