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John Kunzier

John is one of the founders of TNT Volleyball, guiding the program since its inception.

John played volleyball in high school and blossomed as a player in college, playing with the Penn State Men’s club team. Then, after an injury, he started coaching girls’ volleyball in York, PA, where his teams competed regionally with several tournament wins.

John’s career moved him to the Philadelphia region and a new club in West Chester, PA, Quaker City Volleyball Club. At QC, his teams competed nationally, finishing 2nd at East Coast Regionals and in the top 25 nationally a few years running.

The LaSalle University program recruited John to revive its division 1 volleyball program. He brought the program back to competitive respectability in a new conference over four years, retiring from coaching in 1996 to pursue his career and family.

Fast forward 20 years, John and Chuck founded TNT volleyball, combining the Glenside Volleyball program and 309 Express to spread the love of the game. The program has grown, focusing on fun, family, and fundamentals.

At TNT, John has coached 13s for the last four years leading the 2021-22 team to three tournament wins, including winning a national qualifier and a national bid.

John’s coaching philosophy focuses on defensive fundamentals, skills improvement and accuracy, and continuous pressure. He teaches a quick pin-to-pin offense mixing old and new school techniques for an aggressive style of play.

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