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Brian Mooney

TNT Director of Policies/Procedures; Communications 2023 - Present
TNT Assistant Director of Regional Program 2023 - Present

Coaching Experience

Cinnaminson High School (NJ) Assistant Boys' Coach 2005-2023
Cinnaminson High School (NJ) Head Girls' Coach 2017-2022; Assistant Girls Coach 2013-2017
Head Coach of TNT 16 Hurricane 2022
Assistant Coach TNT 17 Venom 2023
Assistant Coach TNT 18 Mixers 2024

Coaching Philosophy
Participation in sports provides chances to develop habits that lead to success not only on the field or court, but in life. Respect, responsibility, humility, and smart work (not just hard work) are traits that lead to winning, which is not only a result, but also an attitude.

Fun Facts
When not teaching middle-school students how to improve their writing, working for TNT, or spending time with family, my #1 pastime is following my favorite teams: the Eagles, Phillies, Flyers, Sixers, Wings, and Villanova Basketball, along with playing fantasy sports. Fun fact - I was a finalist in the FanDuel 2015 World Fantasy Football Championship.

Contact: [email protected]

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