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John Kutsuzawa

For the 2023 season, my mission statement for the team is:  Evolve the way we play the game.

Coaching Experience

2022 to present:  TNT Head Coach 13 Roadrunner
2022:  Central Bucks South JV Volunteer Coach
2022:  Sandyard Beach Volleyball Coach
2021-2022:  East Coast Power, Head Coach 13 Eclipse
2021-2022:  Solebury High School, Varsity Assistant Coach
2020-2021:  East Coast Power, Head Coach 13 Eclipse
2017-2020:  East Coast Power, Assistant Coach 14 Tidal
2016-2020:  Our Lady Mount Carmel, CYO Varsity Head / Assistant Coach
2016-2017:  GPS Crush, Assistant Coach 14 Orange
2015-2016:  GPS Crush, Assistant Coach 17 Orange


  • USAV CAP - Coaching Accreditation Program
    • Gold Medal Squared
      • AAU Double-Goal Coach
  • USAV Impact / Safesport

Coaching Philosophy

    1.  Everything is IN. 
    2.  If you're not sure whose ball it is, it's yours. 
    3.  Attack the ball over the net. 

Volleyball is about movement; fluid like water, always adjusting in both offense and defense.

For my inaugural season at TNT, I am excited to share with the team many advanced concepts and offensive plays.  At 13s the players have an open mind, will grasp new ideas quickly, and be interested to know there's more to playing volleyball than just doing a pass-set-hit.  Stick around one of our matches, and you can see us run our version of the "Philly Special" play.

My Life in Sports

I played Little League and high school baseball.  I have been skiing for over 20 years.  I got introduced to volleyball in high school and immediately fell in love with the sport; I learned to play in college.

I attend many "volleyball vacations" trips where the coaches are top AVP / FIVB / Olympic players.  I cheer them on while they play in professional tournaments throughout the country.  It's great to establish personal connections with them, which is something you won't be able to do with other major sports.

Though I've played volleyball close to 30 years, I still consider myself a student of the sport.  I continue to attend coaching clinics and camps to learn tips and techniques for teaching and playing.

Fun Fact

I am a FAA licensed commercial pilot and a certified flight instructor.  I have close to 2,000 hours of flight time mostly in Cessna branded aircraft.

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