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What We Do ...

The TNT Bunker is a Volleyball Facility that was created by volleyball players.  We do not share out court space with other sports, and aim to create volleyball offers for all ages and all skill levels.

Club Volleyball - Boys and Girls

Club Volleyball is a program that lasts from December through May for girls and September through March for boys.  Teams are competitive, and tryouts are required.  We are not able to accept all players due to space limitations.  Open gyms and prep clinics are offered to all prior to the tryout dates.  Once teams are finalized, there are no additions during the season.

Small Group Sessions

We believe that we have the best (and most) volleyball coaches in the area.  Some of these coaches will offer small group sessions for a targeted audience.  Some of these sessions include:

*  Serving and Serve Receive
*  Hitting and Transitioning
*  Blocking 
*  Passing and Back Row Attacking

Small Group sessions are booked through a separate system called Court Reserve.  Users will need a different account on Court Reserve.
Click Here to get to the Court Reserve System.

Summer Camps

TNT manages a 3 court volleyball only facility and runs camps during the summer.  These camps can accommodate boys and girls and run weekly during June/July/August..  TNT Coaches will teach boys and girls how to play the game and how to improve on their skills and technique.  Registration for these programs is posted on TNT Instagram, Facebook, and the homepage.

Youth/Middle School Programs

TNT will offer programs for young players looking to get exposed to volleyball.  These sessions are typically on a Saturday, and are led by some of the best TNT coaches.  Sessions typically last 6-8 weeks and are scheduled whenever courts are available.  Registration for these programs is posted on TNT Instagram, Facebook, and the homepage.

One on One Lessons

Coaches may choose to conduct one- on- one training in the Bunker.  These sessions are arranged through coaches directly.  If interested in a one on one session, please contact us at [email protected].

Private Court Rentals

Courts are available to rent by the hour.  Availability is posted in Court Reserve

Pick-up/Drop-in Volleyball Events

TNT will offer Drop-in Event for volleyball players to drop-in and pay by the session.  These sessions are aimed at the Intermediate/Advanced player and can be found in Here.

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