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2023 Tryouts and Open Gym Information

Open Gym Overview

Open gyms are a FREE way to check out TNT.  There is no TNT fee to participate in an open gym.  (Fine Print....AAU membership (cost 20.00) is required for insurance reasons.  AAU Memberships from last year expired on August, 31).  Unless you purchased a new one in the past few weeks, you need to purchase/ renew your AAU membership. 
Choose "Youth Athlete Membership", "Regular".  $20 fee to AAU that covers 8/31/2023-8/31/2024
Please associate membership with Club Code W34DED

Come meet the coaches and club directors, and get a sense of how TNT operates.  Trust us, our vibe sets us apart.  While the girls are playing, there club directors and coaches available to answer any and all questions about TNT.

Click on the Registration link in the menu above to sign up for an open gym or click Here to register.  Playing age is determined based on the table at the bottom of the page.

All Open gym events to be held at the TNT Bunker located at 1050 Bethlehem Pike, North Wales PA 19454.  PLEASE NOTE - There is another location with the same address in Hatfield...not the same!
TNT...where more available gym time means more play time for the athletes!

When signing up for open gyms, players are asked to choose the age and team level where they would like to play.  Open gym choices will not impact a players ability to get an offer for any level.  

Team Level Designations for 2023-2024:

- Experienced players that would like to be considered for a National level team.  Players on National teams commit to play at the AAU Nationals in Orlando, FL in June.

Travel - Experienced players that would like to be considered for a travel team. Travel teams will play multiple overnight events within a 2 hour radius. 
Regional - Less experienced players or players that prefer to play on a Regional team.  Regional teams will play fewer tournaments than National/travel teams with less travel.   The Regional program is designed for less experienced players, or players that are not able to commit to multiple overnight tournaments due to other commitments.

Open Gym Schedule


Sunday, September 17 
9am-1030am 14U National/Travel
11am-1230pm 14U Travel/Regional
1pm-230pm 12U/13U Regional
3pm-430pm 13U National/Travel

Sunday, September 24 
9am-11am 14U National/Travel
11am-1pm 14U Travel/Regional
1pm-3pm 12U/13U Regional
3pm-5pm 13U National/Travel

REVISED Sunday, October 1
9am-11am 14U Travel/Regional (New Time)
11am-1pm 14U National/Travel (New Time)
1pm-3pm 12U/13U Regional
3pm-5pm 13U National/Travel (New Finish Time)

REVISED Sunday, October 8 
9am-11am 14U National (New Finish Time)
11am-1pm 14U Travel/Regional
1pm-2:30pm 12U/13U Regional (New Time)
2:30pm-4:30pm 13U National/Travel (New Time)

REVISED Sunday, October 15 
9am-11am 14U National (New Finish Time)
11am-1pm 14U Travel/Regional
1pm-230pm 12U/13U Regional (New Time)
230pm-430pm 13U National/Travel (New Time)

15-18U Open Gyms

Saturday, October 28
2pm - 4pm  16U, 17U, 18U
4pm - 6pm  15U

Sunday, October 29
10am-12pm 15U
12pm-2pm 17U, 18U
2pm-4pm 16U

Sunday, November 5
10am-12pm 15U
12pm-2pm 17U, 18U
2pm-4pm 16U

Monday, November 6

8pm-9:45pm 15U

Wednesday, November 8
5pm-6:30pm 17U, 18U
6:30-8pm 16U

Click Here to Register
for open gyms - Have your AAU number ready when registering.

Tryout Information

Similar to open gyms, all players will need a current AAU number to participate. See above and  Click here to purchase a basic youth athlete membership.

Please Note:  All players that want to be considered for a National team will also need a USAV tryout membership.  Click here to purchase a USAV membership.  This membership will need to be converted to a full membership when you make a National level team.

Tryout Schedule

12 - 14U

Friday, October 20 - Early Look Tryout date.  National team athletes, Come in for an EXTRA Friday Night tryout!  (NOTE:  Offers will be made after the Saturday/Sunday tryout time)
6:00pm-7:45pm 14U National Tryouts Day 1
8:00pm-9:45pm 13U National Tryouts- Day 1

Saturday, October 21 (13U Tryouts)

9am-1030am 13U Tryouts Session 1,
11am-12:30pm 13U Tryouts Session 2.
1pm-2:30pm 13U Tryouts Session 3. (If Needed)

Sunday, October 22 (14U and 12U tryouts) (Updated 10/18)
8am-1000am 14U Tryouts Session 1
1030-1230 14U Tryouts Session 2
1-3pm 14U Tryouts Session 3
530-7pm  12U Tryouts

When you sign up for a tryout, TNT will email you the Session that you should attend. Please DO NOT come to another timeslot without clearing it with TNT coaches prior to arriving.

Monday, October 23
12U - 5:30pm-6:30pm
13U - 6:30pm- 7:45pm
14U - 8pm - 9:30pm 

ALL players still seeking a bid SHOULD ATTEND callbacks.  You will not receive a separate invitation to attend.  If you are not able to attend and still would like to be considered for an offer, please email TNT.  Players that do not show up to callbacks may be assumed to have accepted an offer at another club.

15-18U Tryouts

Friday, November 10 - Early Look Tryout date. 
6:00pm-8pm 16U National Tryouts Day 1
8pm-10pm 15U National Tryouts Day 1

Saturday, November 11 (Tryouts 15U-18U)
8:30am-10am 17U
10:30am-12:15pm 16U Session 1
12:30pm-2:15pm 16U Session 2
2:30am-4:15pm 16U Session 3

Sunday, November 12 (Tryouts 15U-18U)

9am-10:45am 15U Session 1
11am-12:45pm 15U Session 2
1pm-2:45pm 15U Session 3
4:30pm-6pm 18U

Monday, November 13th
6:00pm-7:30pm 15U Callbacks 
8pm-9:30pm 16U Callbacks

PLEASE NOTE:  You will only be charged the $50 tryout fee when registering for tryouts.  You will not be expected to pay the club fee until after accepting an offer to play.
Please use the chart at the bottom of the page to determine the correct playing age for 2023-2024.
All tryouts to be held at the TNT Bunker located at 1050 Bethlehem Pike, North Wales PA 19454

*** Additional Information: How to Register for Open Gym or Tryouts:
Login to My Account or create a new account if you have not registered before (top right of webpage). 
You will need to enter information about your child such as name, address, date of birth.
Once in My Account, you should see Available Programs (if not click on Registration Info Tab).


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